I am fully Qualified & Trained in all the following:

Clipping all shapes & styles of different dog breeds. 

Scissor Cutting for the longer hair dogs, Collies, Golden Retrievers, Springer Spaniels etc.

Nail clipping

Hand Stripping (Please call for prices, this is for the wire haired breed)

Ear plucking

Bathing & Drying ( I do not use cabin dryers )

Furminating longer haired dogs, Collies, Springer Spaniels etc

I will give your dog a health check. I will check your dogs ears, eyes, skin and advise you if your dogs Anal glands need doing by a Qualified Vet.

I work one to one with your dog & give them the groom & care they need. I will give your dog a break when it is needed & a treat with your permission. This may take longer than other retail groomers but hopefully your dog will look forward to their next groom with me & love you for giving them the groom they need.



I use only recommended shampoos from well known advertised Dog Groomer Suppliers such as Groomers Online or Christies Direct.  If your dog has an allergy I will suggest you bring your dogs shampoo with you for their groom. Every dog I groom I take all details off you about your pet such as health problems, Vet details, Vaccination dates etc. 



I will groom your dog as i do with my own with patience and tender loving care.


  • This is the difference when the dead hair is being handstripped on the wire haired breed. Handstripping is a unique technique this is  to maintain the wire haired breed.


  • Call now for Prices & to book an Appointment.

    Guide Prices

    Small Dogs - Shitzu Size or Yorkshire Terrior, Jack Russell size. For a full Cut/trim/Nails trimmed/Bath & Dry/Ears checked/plucked would be from £28.00

    Medium Dogs - ie Springer spaniels,Cocker Spaniels, Small Collies would be including the above from £30.00 to £35.00

    Large Dogs - ie Labrodoodle, Golden Retreivers, Large Collies Would be including the above from £35.00

    Handstripping due to the time it take and special technique would be including the above from £35.00

    Bath & Dry would be from £15.00 to £35.00 Depending on the size of dog. This will include nails trimmed, Groomed thoroughly to remove dead fur, Ears checked/plucked.

    Nails Trimmed would be £6.00

    Puppy trim bath and dry from £16.00 this does include their nails trimmed if needed. (please note this is for your puppys first trim this is so they get used to being groomed, also if your puppy is extremely matted, time and patience & care is needed to dematt them there would be an additional charge for this.)

    If your dog is known to be slightly aggressive when groomed there may be an extra cost for this service depending on the time it takes.  I will still groom them but time & patience is needed so please tell me i would like to keep my fingers & thumbs.  Also please inform me if you think your dog has fleas or has had them recently so that i can book your dog in at the end of the day to ensure no other dogs comes into contact & to ensure i check your dog thoroughly & give them the flea treatment they need.

    Please note if your dog is extremely matted i will ring you up to tell you as there may be a small additional cost due to the time it takes (this is why my prices are from)  these will be no more than £5.00 to £15.00 depending on the size of dog. If you would like an estimate for your dog please do not hesitate to ring me at anytime. 

    If I am busy grooming I will always return your call ASAP.